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No – Our digital packages are priced per day, after years of doing this “risk” on site event photography services we have dialed in a package that is below our competition’s prices and of higher quality (in a lot of our customer’s opinions). Unfortunately, we would not be able to remain a business offering single digital downloads due to the nature of these events. Typical 2 day Digital Packages include an average of 60-70 photos of your car, if you opted to purchase your package at the track early in the weekend you are likely to see well over 100 photos!
We process our orders in the order we received them.  So if you purchased early in the weekend, you could see our e-mail or have your Photo CD shipped out as early as Wednesday after the event.  We do our best to get all orders out by the Friday after the event weekend (5 Business Days).  However, travel time, and the amount of orders can sway that processing time a few days.  We ask for 10 business days for complete delivery, however we are always looking to complete your order as soon as possible.  Keep in mind all orders are reviewed to include only your car’s photos in your package.  We also retouch almost every photo to enhance the quality through contrast, sharpness, brightness, and crop adjustments where needed.  You are going to have these photos for a long time, we want to ensure you get the best results the first time around!

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